Paperwork! Magazines, Catalogues and Mailbox Stuffers, Oh my! (Declutter Challenge: Day 3)

Day 3 #Declutter2015: Paper matter

Day 3 #Declutter2015: Paper matter completeDay three of the declutter challenge has rolled through. I have taken this challenge on to rid myself of 2015 sludge, so I can enter 2016 and tap into my creative mojo with a fresh start.

After the first two days, I was sort of dreading today: Paperwork. It sounded awful, because I know I have a tendency to collect papers and reading materials. I even put off this declutter challenge until 3 p.m. (which is sort of late in the day for me to get started on something), because I thought it would be grueling! The silver lining of today is that I had enough paper junk to dispose of that paper clutter was shockingly easy!

Here’s a quick run down of materials decluttered today:

  • Magazines. My mother subscribes to consumer-reports type magazines, and then she drops them off in our mailbox, after she has thoroughly perused them. Sometimes, she puts sticky notes in them, or she’ll circle a must-read article. When she does, I do read (scan) them, but if they don’t have a note attached to them, they usually get filed in a pile somewhere on a desk, a coffee stand, a night table. You get the idea.Day 3 #Declutter2015: Paper matter
  • More magazines. These are some that I’ll get or someone will give to us. (I’m noticing several people give us magazines…)
  • Newspapers. Advertorial newspapers from our grocery stores, loaded with coupons we never use. My husband is pretty good at staying on top of them, but sometimes I hoard them when I see an “article” that I think I might find interesting.
  • Printouts of maps and hotel confirmations from our road trip last summer. Part of me thinks I’ll “need” these again next summer, but… must declutter!
  • Brochures. I hoard these too. Most of the time it has to do with my work as a writer and marketer, learning a new language (German). I analyze and study the language. And then I let those objects languish in my home.
  • Day 3 #Declutter2015: Paperwork Catalogues, etc.Business cards. I have recorded most of these details in my email or phone. I really don’t need the card anymore.
  • I had a strange grouping system for these articles, but they had at this point reached the 25 mark. I walked around the apartment to find two more items to complete today’s challenge.
  • Shampoo and Conditioner bottles. I noticed these were empty this morning, and I hadn’t removed them from the shower.

Day 3 of the Declutter Challenge Complete!

I thought today would be more hellish than it was. In fact, it was surprisingly easy, and my efforts resulted in three neat, recyclable packages. 🙂 Tomorrow, I’ll be doing some more dreaded paperwork–you know, old bills, receipts, the kind of things that need a bit more “sorting” through. Wish me luck!

Day 3 #Declutter2015: Paper matterJoin the Declutter Challenge! Just use #Declutter2015 when you Tweet. Or Instagram proof of your 27 items.

Or go ahead and post a link to your blog (with picture) to comments below! You learn a lot about yourself when you begin to purge… (The agony.)

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