Micro Fiction Challenge: First Day on the Job


#MicroFiction Challenge: On the Job, 1st Day

Theme of the Month: New Beginnings

This Week’s Challenge: First day on the job.

#Micro Fiction ChallengeThe Details: Even though it’s micro fiction, it’s still fiction. You can write whatever you want, from whichever perspective you choose. It just needs to be fewer than 150 words.

The reward? Feel-good for meeting and accomplishing a challenge. And if you’re socially-savvy, you can share your responses with friends, let other people cheer you on. Garner bragging rights and gloat until the next micro-fiction challenge (next week).

My Micro Fiction Submission for this week: First Day on the Job

Karen studied the wrinkle-pattern in Bob’s shirt as she followed him through the greige hallways of what would be her new office space. With crisp white lines, they formed frown-shaped curves, warning her silently about the hours squished up between padded desk chairs, and uninspired human backs.

“On the left, you got your microwave,” Bob waved idly towards another grey room, brightly lit with steely blue fluorescent tubes. “And on your right, further down the hall is your ladies’ room.” Another idle wave.

“Men’s room…” His voice dropped a little as he continued walking. “And Ms. Deville’s office is all the way at the end. Corner office.” He practically whispered that last part, and turned to face Karen.

“Try not to draw too much attention to yourself if you can avoid it,” his eyes darted back and forth. “Do you have another shirt? She can’t stand red.”

Get Your Micro Fiction Game On!

Micro Fiction Challenge

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I stumbled upon this concept of micro-fiction a couple weeks ago, and thought it might be a fun activity as well as a good exercise for brevity. So how does it work? Write a story using fewer than 150 words based on the prompt of the week. It’s that easy.

Author: Cynthia T. Luna

Cynthia is a writer who found her true calling and gave herself permission to express her creativity. Helping other innately creative women find their purpose, create space for their passions, and live a more fulfilled life is one way she styles her living.

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