More Heretofore Dreaded Paperwork (#Declutter2015 Challenge: Day 6)

Day 6 #Declutter2015: Paperwork

Good thing I didn’t start this challenge with paperwork. With every passing day, I’m realizing how this exercise has me looking forward to removing more clutter from my physical space. I’ll see now how gunk that I had never really noticed almost presents itself to me and pushes its way to center stage, as if to cry, “Hey! Declutter me!” And I can respond, “Gladly! Now, I only have 26 items to declutter tomorrow!”

So, because I was feeling so good, so high on releasing today, I decided to return to the “dreaded paperwork”. 🙂 And it wasn’t so bad.

In fact, I feel a little exhilarated! I went through my annual stacks of expenses, receipts and other papers that I usually just pack away on a shelf in the hall closet. I tossed out more than half of them, mostly stuff from 2013 and 2014, and I was able to file the rest of them into a binder. They’ll be next year’s trash. 🙂 Maybe I should have used hashtag, #Declutter2013. 😛

The more I do this, the more I realize how the seemingly innocent presence of  stuff gets in the way of clear, energetic, creative flow. Immediately after decluttering, I feel clear. I feel energized. I feel creative. 🙂

Tomorrow: my desk.

Day 6 #Declutter2015: PaperworkJoin the Declutter Challenge! Just use #Declutter2015 or #Declutter2016 when you Tweet. Or Instagram proof of your 27 items.

If you come across this blog post in 2016 or later, go ahead and use the new #Declutter2016 hashtag; but if you already started decluttering at the end of 2015 like I did, that’s fine, use the old #Declutter2015 hashtag. (My guess is that the clutter you’re decluttering came from 2015, anyway.) If you’re still stuck on the date–don’t let that stop you from decluttering. Send in your evidence of a decluttered day! Go ahead and post a link to your blog (with picture) to comments below!

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