More paperwork… in my purse (Declutter 2015 Challenge: Day 4)

Day 4 #Declutter2015: Purse

Day 4 #Declutter2015: PurseWelcome to 2016, everybody!!

The whole point of this challenge is to declutter 2015 gunk and enter the new year afresh. After yesterday’s session, I had told myself I would continue Day 4 with a clearing of more paperwork, but one of my Facebook friends inspired me to look at the paperwork that I lug around with me everyday: the contents of my purse.

For most women, the decluttering of their purses would be no big deal. Let me just sum up my experience in a few words.

The ENTIRETY of my 27 items to declutter today came from my purse only.

Day 4 #Declutter2015: Purse

That’s a lot of sh*t, y’all. And I didn’t even open my wallet. No wonder I’ve been needing nightly Tiger Balm rub downs on my neck and shoulders! I’ll summarize the most offending clutterers–the ones I have probably been carrying around with me for months:

    • Kleenex. Okay, they’re light, anDay 4 #Declutter2015: Pursed one always needs tissues, but four packs? Really?
    • Receipts, receipts, receipts. I keep receipts for everything and for no, good, logical reason. In 2016, I’m going to get a lot more conscious about the receipts I keep. No more keeping the receipt of the gum or kleenex purchased. (No more purchasing Kleenex!!) Maybe I’ll just scan them with some snazzy app next year. I’m so over all those faded strips of paper…
    • Train timetables. In my defence, they all expired and changed on December 12–so only a couple weeks ago. But did I really need three of the exact same timetable? Didn’t I know the other two were already in there?

  • Ads, Discounts, Coupons. The last thing I want to have happen to me is I go to the register to make my purchase, the salesperson asks me if I have their special discount card, or something, and I realize that I left it at home. So, what’s better is carrying all that junk around with me on that shoulder–even beyond the expiration date. (Yeah, makes sense.)


Day 4 of the Declutter Challenge Complete!

I can’t believe how I have grown so accustomed to the weight of my damn purse. I can’t believe that I have grown accustomed to the stiffness in my neck and left shoulder. On some level, this discovery is also a little disheartening. Am I really so clueless as to all the baggage that I literally carry around with me every single day?

Day 4 #Declutter2015: PurseJoin the Declutter Challenge! Just use #Declutter2015 or #Declutter2016 when you Tweet. Or Instagram proof of your 27 items.

For those of you date sticklers, don’t even be concerned with using the hashtag #Declutter2015. (My guess is that the clutter you’re decluttering came from 2015, anyway.) If you’re still stuck on the date–don’t let that stop you from decluttering. By all means, use #Declutter2016, if it means you’re going to purge for a squeaky-clean uncluttered start to the new year! Or go ahead and post a link to your blog (with picture) to comments below!

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