5 Ways to Boost Your Twitter Follower Goals (in just 30 Minutes per day)

5 ways to boost your twitter follower count and get Twitty with it | LivinginCyn.com | Cynthia T. Luna

You’re busy. I get that. But growing your Twitter follower numbers doesn’t have to be an exercise in time drain. Here are 5 ways to boost your twitter follower goals, using just 30 minutes each day. (I’ll also confess that even though I visited my Twitter feed daily, I sometimes spent less than 30 minutes–rarely ever more.)

Before I give up my secrets, I’ll start you off with a little back story. In October, I started to draw up a marketing strategy by taking inventory of the ways I can reach out to an audience who might be interested in my yet to be published novel. In doing so, I realized that I had a dormant Twitter account with some 400-plus followers and not much else. So, I set up a marketing objective to increase my Twitter followership from 400 to 2,000 by the end of December 2016. (I thought 14 months would be a fair amount of time to try out my process.) Well, I was thrilled to announce that I had cracked the 1,000 mark expending no more than 30 minutes a day just two months later. Today, I’m ecstatic to report that I have surpassed my 2,000-follower benchmark for December 2016!

5 ways to boost your twitter follower count and blow your goals out of the water | LivinginCyn.com | Cynthia T. Luna

Given that I have blown my objective out of the water, I’ll definitely remain loyal to Twitter (which accounts for around 50% of my blog visitorship) and kick up my follower goal to 5,000 by December 2016. I’ll do so by continuing to stay true to the five things I have done consistently thus far, and that also fit comfortably into my 30-minute/day rhythm. Of course, these are by no means the only tried and true ways, they’re just the ones that quintupled my Twitter follower base over the last five months. If you have some good tips, useful anecdotes, awesome hashtags–let me know! 

Now, without further ado…

Here are 5 ways to boost your Twitter follower numbers

5 ways to boost your twitter follower count and get Twitty with it | LivinginCyn.com | Cynthia T. Luna

1) Find a few #Hashtags that your followers seem to enjoy using.

  • #FollowFriday: Back when I first signed up for Twitter (maybe that was in 2008?) there was this hashtag that is still in use today: #FollowFriday or #FF. I use #FF as a way to acknowledge everyone who has followed me in the last week. On Friday mornings, I literally will open up two windows on my laptop–one with my email box and the other in my Twitter account. In my email account, I’ll conduct a search of all the Twitter notifications that says, “is now following you on Twitter” and go through the list of new followers. Friday mornings are the only day where I consistently spend my full 30 minutes of Twitter time.
  • #ArchiveDay: I have learned that this day (Saturday) is for rummaging through your old blog posts and re-Tweeting them. I will do this and retweet other people’s #ArchiveDay posts that I remember reading or that I found interesting. I confess (again!) that some Saturdays I’m more active than others.
  • #SundayBlogShare: On Sundays I’m more of a consumer of media. This is when I will revisit some blogs I already follow whose earlier posts I missed, or I will find new bloggers and Tweeps I hadn’t known about. The hashtag is also managed by the handle, @SundayBlogShare, who will only retweet blog posts — no Etsy, Amazon or YouTube. She also reserves the right not to retweet to her 2,000+ followers.
  • #MondayBlogs: There is also a Twitter handle by the same name (@MondayBlogs). They scour the Twitterverse for recent tweets with the #MondayBlogs hashtag, and if you’re lucky (and your content isn’t pornographic or offensive) they’ll retweet your tweet to their 14,000+ followers. 🙂

There are others. I use #TacticalTues on Tuesdays, and it’s the day that I share quick marketing tips, like today’s–or some of the other marketing information I share on this blog. It’s also the day that I tend to get marketing, PR and social media tweeps. So, certain hashtags are used/searched more prolifically in some Twitter circles than others.

#TacticalTues: 5 ways to boost your twitter follower count | LivinginCyn.com | Cynthia T. Luna

2) Visit the profiles of Tweeps whose tweets you enjoyed.

I am writing this blog post on a Sunday, and I just happened to poke #SundayBlogShare into my Twitter search. I happened to discover a fascinating post by @AprilMunday (a writer) about sleeping arrangements in the 14th Century. Though I don’t write historical fiction, I love to read the genre, and little facts like these are just interesting. I just followed her and I look forward to more of her tidbits in my Twitter feed.

3) Retweet (or RT), and Hootsuite

As you might have noted above, there are specific days when retweeting your own posts or earlier tweets is expected and socially acceptable. Hootsuite is an excellent program where you can schedule future tweets. A lot of people use Hootsuite to retweet their #ArchiveDay posts several Saturdays out at different hours of the day or night–so Twitterers of all time zones might have had the chance to see it.

One of the #ArchiveDay posts I love to RT is Living in Cyn’s e-interview with Sacha Black, mainly because Sacha Black likes to retweet it for herself as well. Every time I learn she has RT the interview to her readers, I will pop over to her Twitter feed and RT a couple of her own blog posts. What goes around, comes around. But I’ll also repost to Twitter my other interviews with aspiring authors and new authors–they are definitely worth the read, and I always get positive feedback from those pieces.

More importantly, I RT other people’s blog posts and tweets. I go by a loose 3:1 ratio. For every one of the posts that I tweet for myself, I’ll retweet three other people’s tweets or blog posts. And if someone RTed one of my pinned posts, I’ll return the favor. I am of the opinion that if you RT someone else’s tweet or blog post you benefit from loads more social karma that eventually leads to more followers–which is the goal, right?

4) Get Visual, Use Images

Twitter has definitely upped its visual game, which I think is an improvement on the old, 140-character text-only Twitter of bygone days. Images open the window of communication possibilities. You can take photos yourself, have them designed, or find some CC0 images online to download and use. Some people will upload an image that’s chock-full-of-text, as in the link below:

But I think the point and pleasure of Twitter is its textual brevity. A great image or GIF only adds to enhance the wonder that Twitter is. A big message in few words. Here’s an example…

It’s also possible to post more than one image in a tweet…

5) Relate, or Engage

Twitter Followers Thank You Card, Follow @cynthiatluna
Funny to think how impossible I thought gathering 1,000 Twitter followers would be…

Well, it’s hard to write a blog post about social media without using the word “engage”, but “engagement” lies at the heart of the social ethos. This means that my time spent in Twitter reading tweets is just as well spent as my time there posting tweets.

Today, only five months in, there are several Twitter handles I recognize and keep turning back to for interesting content. When your Twitter feed starts to include these names and their tweets, you don’t abhor checking into your feed on a daily basis, because it steers you back to the content you enjoy.

How about you? Is there something you do in Twitter that grows your followers? Any #hashtags that work for you?Bloggers Commenting Back

Let me know and share your tips in the comments below. I’m all for switching things up in my arsenal of Twitter activities.

Author: Cynthia T. Luna

Cynthia is a writer who found her true calling and gave herself permission to express her creativity. Helping other innately creative women find their purpose, create space for their passions, and live a more fulfilled life is one way she styles her living.

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    1. Thanks so much for this comment–it really made my day. You’re welcome for the mention too by the way. It was a fun blog post, which I discovered through Twitter. I’m stumbling on so many interesting writers through Twitter–so I find it a social media gem!

  1. Yep great post this, I probably don’t give Twitter as much time as I should. I also despite my efforts don’t get that much of a return on my best days only about 50 refers to my site. On an average day maybe 10 – 20 but often less. Pinterest however, on some days I can get 300 plus refers alone. Although that goes in phases. Not sure what the trick is on Twitter to getting that click rate raised.
    Sacha Black recently posted…The Bloggers Bash Awards ARE HERE!My Profile

    1. Thanks, Sacha, you are a social media beast. If anything, I don’t think you need to spend more “time” in Twitter. For example, this weekend, I escaped into the alps with my husband and cut myself off from everything digital. I won’t add the 1.5 hours of Twitter time I lost into today or tomorrow; I’ll just pick up where I left off. From my experience, the key with Twitter is growing your followers and reposting your blog posts (via Hootsuite, for example), so your new followers can be exposed to the great content you generate. And your content is superb! Whenever you write that blog post with your Pinterest secret, please give me ample warning. If only I could get 300 refers from Pinterest!! 🙂

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