#TWHST: Malcolm Gets Tangled Up in Savvy’s Spy Game (A Spy Like Me, by Laura Pauling)

#TWHST: Malcolm Gets Tangled Up in Savvy's Spy Game | LivinginCyn.com
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I just started reading this book, A Spy Like Me (A Circle of Spies Book 1) by Laura Pauling, so this week’s “That’s What He Said” Thursday quote appears very much near the beginning.

As this week’s #TWHST meme might suggest, the story takes place in Paris. It begins with Savvy on a first date with Malcolm, and they get flirty right from the start. It turns out that Malcolm’s eking out these words just after he’s shot, and just before they decide to make a run for it–except there’s one more thing, Savvy had tied Malcolm up. (Like I said, flirty.)

#TWHST: Malcolm Gets Tangled Up in Savvy's Spy Game | LivinginCyn.com

So this quote is “forbidden love” all wrapped up in eight words–delivered perfectly by a tied-up teenager in love and in deep. (Someone’s gotta be after him. He just got shot!) Countless books, plays, TV shows and movies ride, so A Spy Like Me has got to have that working for it!

You would think with all these caveats, I would be tearing through the pages of this light YA read. Instead, I find I keep putting the book down and moving on to other reading: an online newspaper, some non-fiction content in my Kindle, my email. Still, I’m determined to read this book, because I love the premise: romance and espionage, set in Paris! What’s not to love?

What’s your “That’s What He Said” Thursday quote?

There’s a meme going around on Thursdays, called “That’s What He Said Thursdays” or #TWHST. I found out about it a couple weeks ago and participated nearly right away. (Check out my other entries.) What I love about it, is that it makes reading, and sharing what you’re reading, social! So, I decided to commit to posting something weekly with a little bit of my own commentary.


The rules of participation are simple: Pick “a favorite line from your book boyfriend to his heroine. Keep in mind these are direct quotes from dialogue in a book.” Chapter Break — the masterminds behind this fabulous idea — has a whole list of quotes that date back to 2013! Bloggers Commenting Back

You can add add your favorite line in the comments below this post–or add a link to your own blog post in the comment below.

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5 thoughts on “#TWHST: Malcolm Gets Tangled Up in Savvy’s Spy Game (A Spy Like Me, by Laura Pauling)”

  1. OOh glad you are enjoying our meme! I like how you did the image for the quote! Feel free to link up all your past That’s What He Said posts to the current linky so we see them 🙂

  2. That’s such a great quote! And very flirty, like you said. I think I will be adding this book to my never ending TBR!

    And thank you for checking out my post earlier! 😀

    1. Glad you love the line. It’s sheer simplicity, but communicates so much about forbidden love. Too bad I can’t seem to make my way past the four chapter. Another book has grabbed my attention again. Still, I’m really loving the #TWHST meme, because it gives me an Easter Egg to hunt for while I read. 🙂

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