Voting Still OPEN for 2nd Annual BLOGGERS BASH Awards!

There is still time to vote, my friends — And in case you didn’t know… this blog you’re following (Living in Cyn) is listed as Cynthia T. Luna under Best Newcomer category!

VOTE NOW! Annual Bloggers Bash Awards NOW OPEN

Voting closes at 12pm on the June 9, 2016

You’ve all been asking for it… and now you’re gonna get it! The Bloggers Bash Agenda, that is. I can’t believe that it’s already nearly a year since the very first Blo…

Source: The #BloggersBash Agenda and Who’s Who


Author: Cynthia T. Luna

Cynthia is a writer who found her true calling and gave herself permission to express her creativity. Helping other innately creative women find their purpose, create space for their passions, and live a more fulfilled life is one way she styles her living.

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