Giveaway on InstaFreebie! The Aspiring Author’s Guide: Write Your Marketing Strategy & Other Non-Fiction and Fiction Titles

Freebie Friday - The Aspiring Author's Guide: Write Your Marketing Strategy by C. T. Luna | Just Featured! on Instafreebie

You can imagine my delight this weekend, when I discovered that The Aspiring Author’s Guide: Write Your Marketing Strategy had been featured on InstaFreebie! There’s still time to download this and a range of other books in the InstaFreebie #FreebieFriday offer, so don’t delay if you see something that appeals!

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If you’re an avid reader, then make sure you sign up to receive new releases from InstaFreebie regularly. You can choose your favorite genres and discover new authors. All you need to do is click and read!

Are you a writer?

If you’re a writer, or an indie author, make sure you bookmark this site! InstaFreebie helps you promote your work to new readers, and it also helps you build your author platform! There are free and paid options for authors to feature their works.

Run Don't Walk for Your First 10k Readers à la Nick Stephenson / Cynthia T. Luna / LivinginCyn.comYou may have seen my blog post on setting up your mailing list à la Nick Stephenson. If you haven’t make sure you give it a quick read! It’s a useful precursor to getting your email management account primed for handling all your new subscribers.

The Aspiring Author's Guide: Write Your Marketing Strategy by C.T. Luna, featured on Instafreebie

My book was featured under “Business” and overnight there was a bump in new subscribers to my mailing list.

Okay, maybe bump is an understatement. My list grew by 700% in 24 hours!

My book is about marketing strategy, and how it’s important to be clear on what you want to accomplish with your book marketing efforts.

In my case, my goal has been to reach out to other writers and help them in the way that I can: by sharing my marketing knowledge while learning from experts of the writing craft. Believe me, I have met some really talented people: from bestselling and newly published authors to successful indie and aspiring authors. That’s been the ultimate win for me so far: I’m crafting my dream job!

Marketing Tips #TacticalTues Living in CynBut I digress…

And now I’m curious. As a reader or a writer what are your favorite book giveaway sites? Which one’s have you found turn up the best books, or have the best readers? Leave your comment below…

Author: Cynthia T. Luna

Cynthia is a writer who found her true calling and gave herself permission to express her creativity. Helping other innately creative women find their purpose, create space for their passions, and live a more fulfilled life is one way she styles her living.

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    1. Thanks, Sacha! If I’m honest I couldn’t believe my eyes! LOL. I was gone for a week, so when I came back and checked into my MailChimp, my list was much bigger than I had remembered it to be. Thankfully, Instafreebie wrote me that they had run the promotion, otherwise I would have wondered where all these people found me! 🙂

  1. Hola! I’ve been reading your blog for a long time now and finally got the courage to
    go ahead and give you a shout out from Porter Tx!
    Just wanted to say keep up the excellent job!

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