About Living in Cyn, and living in balance

Doorway in Florence - photo by C.T. Luna

Just a few months ago, I discovered a sense of personal balance, a sense of self, that helped me tap into my own voice deep within. That voice allows me to be okay with myself, and to write — write whatever ends up on the page, and be totally okay with it. Of course, that doesn’t mean I don’t proofread or edit — it just means that there’s a time for writing and creating, and there’s a time for cleaning up.

Your Writing + Your Balance = Your Living Your True You

If you’re here, you’re looking to release your voice too. You’re looking to connect with your truest purpose — but something is holding you back.

I’ll tell you now; it’s you.

Now, that we have that sorted… let’s forgive you, and reclaim the life you were supposed to live!

I want to help you get on your track, live your purpose, and write your next chapter.

Finding my Voice

When I first started writing my debut novel (ten years ago!) I hesitated with my voice. Basically, when I let go and let my words flow, I was writing what could best be described as “chick lit” and was very uncomfortable with what that implied. I was a communications professional, with a Master’s degree, working in a power-suited Washington environment on life and death issues that mattered. I couldn’t be writing “chick” drivel!!

So, it took me nearly ten years to be okay with who I am and how I write — and frankly, a good love story, a young 20-something year-old heroine, a hot love interest, a saucy-but-true girlfriend. Those are the things I like to write about, and what I love to read. (There I said it.)

I hope with this website I can help inspire you to find what makes you ready to stand on a rooftop and cry, “Yes, this is me! And I love me!!”

Corny, I know, but didn’t I tell you, I love a good love story?