Icy Sedgwick: I like my coffee black, like my soul (e-Interview)

LivinginCyn.com’s e-interview feature for October welcomes Icy Sedgwick, traditionally- and self-published author of several short and regular-length novels.

This time of year, I think of pumpkins, Halloween and ghosts, so having Ms. Icy Sedgwick join us and share what she’s up to is particularly exciting for a wimp like me. Visits to her website will quickly reveal that she is almost like the author expert in all things paranormal.

If you haven’t yet decided on a good book to curl up with during the transition from All Hallow’s Eve to the Day of the Dead, you might swing by Icy’s website for some inspiring reads. She entertains and educates with such blog posts as, 3 powerful people to meet at the crossroads: Papa Legba, the Devil & Hecate! (Did I mention I was a wimp?)

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