Montine Blank, Paint Awake™

MBlank Editor testimonialAs a book-writing virgin, I had no idea what to expect, much less ask, from an editor.  I was very fortunate to have had Cynthia offer to review my copy precisely when I needed experienced guidance. Her edits were next-level thoughtful and appropriately directive.
Maybe it’s her marketing communications background, but it was clear that she kept my reading audience in mind while reviewing my drafts. Is the timing of my words aligned with the needs of my readers? Am I moving the reader through information too quickly or too slowly? Do I need to breath more space into the pages?
Perhaps, more importantly to me, I feel Cynthia really appreciated my work and words. Her feedback was constructive and positive, and she was committed to helping me stay true to my voice. She worked with me to help me craft a final product that I feel proud to share.

Author: Cynthia T. Luna

Cynthia is a writer who found her true calling and gave herself permission to express her creativity. Helping other innately creative women find their purpose, create space for their passions, and live a more fulfilled life is one way she styles her living.